Worth Paying for Internet Speed in Afghanistan

Worth Paying for Internet Speed in Afghanistan

Is Internet speed worth paying for? Today’s age is called the age of technology and the internet, and today all people’s activities are based on the internet and technology, and the internet is considered one of the important necessities in business and people’s daily activities, which has many users in the world.

Afghanistan, like other countries, has many users in the field of using the Internet.

Based on the statistics of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Afghanistan, the number of Internet users reaches four million. This ministry has plans to increase the number of Internet subscribers to 15 million in the next five years. But do people pay for internet speed or not? It is a question that has not been answered yet, but in an internet poll that I personally conducted, almost the majority of people are satisfied.

Fereshte Hakimi, one of the Internet users, says

“In the past, everyone was against the increase in the cost of the Internet, but with the passage of time and getting its benefits through the Internet, doing great things with a simple method at any place and time for a very short time, a greater percentage of people with the increase in cost and speed The Internet will agree.”

The low quality and high price of internet in the country is a major challenge for users. The current age is the age of the Internet, and Internet users want more speed for their home networks. This is while the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology of Afghanistan has announced that with the signing of the contract to purchase Internet with bandwidth per second from Kyrgyzstan, the price of Internet in Afghanistan will be reduced and its speed will be increased by 20 gigabytes.

According to the officials of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Afghanistan now supplies the Internet through the countries of Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, and the price of the Internet is 30 times higher than the countries in the region.

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Worth Paying for Internet Speed in Afghanistan

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