The Role of Technology in the Development of Agriculture in Afghanistan

The Role of Technology in the Development of Agriculture in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is known as an agricultural country in the world, and agriculture in every country is the production and provision of food for the people of that country. Production of new materials for industry, export, and valuation plays a major role, but the main focus is on food production.

Net agricultural production is one of the most important capacities in Afghanistan. Government investments and support programs can make agriculture the main key to economic growth in the country.
According to the United States Agency for International Cooperation (USAID) and agricultural statistics, 80% of the people of Afghanistan are engaged in agriculture and 31% of the gross national income is obtained from agricultural products. Therefore, in the economic structure of Afghan society, agriculture is of greater importance.

In the current situation, agriculture in Afghanistan is the best or only option for the country’s economic infrastructure, and it is a fact that agriculture is a means of national economic growth and development. Having a strong and sustainable agriculture sector can better support other economic sectors and provide them with better growth and development.

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Technology in the Development of Agriculture in Afghanistan
Technology in the Development of Agriculture in Afghanistan

In addition, today it is very important to emphasize the development of a technology-oriented approach to advancing development programs, especially in the agricultural sector. Land factors in agriculture, water, power plants, technology, and capital management (machinery) play a key role in production.
According to the statistics of the central office, Afghanistan has 40 thousand of villages, and about 12000 villages are located in semi-plain areas. The semi-flat location has caused the size of agricultural land to be small, and the ability to expand the level of basements that should be available to families is not satisfactory.

On the other hand, the lack of sales market, capital, facilities, transportation facilities, lack of suitable communication channels, warehouses, and cold stores for growing crops are among the factors that have faced serious problems in Afghanistan. The low level of production of agricultural products in these areas has many shortcomings, such as the lack of suitable fertilizers, lack of machinery, diversity for the betterment of small seedlings, and failure to provide timely technical services to farmers by the relevant authorities.

The government has not yet adopted a specific policy for agricultural development. Therefore, if the government wants to be self-sufficient, it is necessary to formulate a suitable strategy for the production of agricultural products and programs to improve the production of agricultural products, especially wheat. and makes it have the highest level of wheat production in the region. In this case, the annual income will increase, the gap between the city and the countryside will decrease, and the unemployment rate will also decrease. According to all the factors, Afghanistan is the most suitable place for farming, but so far not much investment has been made in this sector. Considering that the agricultural sector plays an important role in the economic growth and prosperity of the country.

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The Role of Technology in the Development of Agriculture in Afghanistan

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