The Role of Digital Technology on Reading in Afghanistan

The Role of Digital Technology on Reading in Afghanistan

Reading is an effective element in promoting science and awareness of human society. Humans have been searching for knowledge and knowledge to reach perfection, therefore, technology was created in all scientific fields to bring peace and prosperity to human life.

Reading different books and magazines leads to the formation of different values in the mind, the models that are introduced by the book play an important role in shaping the human personality, so reading is one of the most important ways of a happy life.

According to most sociologists, nations and peoples who are familiar with reading and reading books have been more popular among them have been able to leave a lasting culture and pass their cultural heritage and treasures of knowledge and the achievements of their scholars to other generations. do

The effectiveness of an uninformed and illiterate nation is greater than foreign culture. A society in which there is a space for study, research, and research are less affected by foreign culture than a society that is far from the culture of study and research. During this very sensitive path, it will be possible only with flexibility, planning, and management, and providing the necessary background for authoring, publishing books, and promoting the culture of reading.

Latest Research

Latest Research of technology in afghanistan
Latest Research of technology in afghanistan

In recent years, the level of awareness and information of young people in Afghanistan has increased, and many young people have appeared in society as dull.

Most of these young people have used technology and digital system to raise their awareness rather than reading books. And on the other hand, young people are more interested in reading and obtaining information through digital means than reading books. Many people read books digitally, which can hold more than a thousand books in one computer. Similarly, there are books and book-reading software on smartphones, from which they receive the most information.

But some young people are unable to continue their education and do not have access to technology, due to economic poverty and high unemployment rate, social inequalities have caused them to stay away from education.

    Technology helps the development and expansion of various industries and businesses so that they can provide better facilities to consumers in all fields, technology means the maximum use of the least available facilities and for this reason our country needs to Take steps to establish and support scientific research institutes and allocate funds in this field.

But one of the important and key points that should be taken into consideration in this field is attention to internal and external factors. What is meant by internal factors is the national will and the internal determination of the country for progress and development, and today our country needs this national will and determination more, although various factors can harm this national determination and will, the most important factor of which is security and issues It is related to it.

If the government advances its infrastructure programs according to this principle, the effective internal factor in the presence of technology in the country will have a positive effect on the growth and development of the country, and the external factor means the presence of foreign direct investment and its increase in It is the country that this factor can increase the process of entering technology in the country.

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The Role of Digital Technology on Reading in Afghanistan

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