The high impact of technology on Afghan women in the last 15 years

The high impact of technology on Afghan women in the last 15 years

Technology is a phenomenon that has tremendous effects on humans and the world, and women are also affected by it in some way. Technology is a compound word that comes from two Greek words “Techne” which means art and “Logic” which means science and knowledge. It has been combined. We can also say that technology is the implementation form of science and technology is a tool that helps man to achieve his goals.

Technology has brought many conveniences to human societies, technology can be used in different ways and places, technology saves time, makes our activities faster and easier, accelerates new technology, shares It improves information sharing, simplifies business communication, promotes individual learning, and teaching technology encourages group learning.

Other benefits of the technology include the expansion of communication, connecting people from the farthest parts of the world, the speed of information dissemination and dissemination, the publication of news in the shortest time around the world, the shaping of public opinion, raising the awareness and capacity of people in different sectors, creating He named new jobs in the direction of employment, development of the world and cultivation of human creativity.

More Benefits of technlogy for Afghan Women

More Benefits of technlogy for Afghan Women
More Benefits of technlogy for Afghan Women

People can exchange ideas and gain new experiences in the open and unlimited space of technology. Women also benefit from all of the above. After the Taliban regime, Afghan women’s development has been provided in all fields and they have achieved many things in various fields, including technology.

If I specifically mention its benefits for women, women have also benefited from the benefits of technology like others. She has shared the benefits of employment, awareness, news, communication, job search, and other things in the media as an employee, guest, and expert in political, cultural, and economic programs and has added to her fame and credibility. 15 years before today or in 2005, women gradually became familiar with newer technologies such as mobile phones, computers, computer programs, and the Internet.

Women in the media, which is a part of technology, have and are actively contributing while being a journalist was considered a risky and controversial task for Afghan women, but now there are many women who are active in this field.

Technology guarantees the progress and success of women and has been able to be effective in the growth and development of women in life, women also have significant success in the field of robot manufacturing. that robot-making training can provide employment to the young generation. Robot manufacturing technology is one of the ways to fight the unemployment of educated people, and it is a kind of job creation in the field of science and technology. that Afghan robot-making students also have successes, such as their winning in the competition held in America, where robot-making girls were able to win the silver medal.

Most Afghan women stay at home and they are not allowed to work outside the house and they cannot enter society and do social work. Therefore, by being armed with technology, women can even remove fences from the house and use connect the world and create financial opportunities for them, and they can still learn the skills they need through technology. In this way, women are connected to the world without borders and restrictions.

Technology helps the development of countries from different dimensions. It is worth remembering that women, despite all the limitations and challenges they have, were able to achieve significant success in all provinces of Afghanistan.

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The high impact of technology on Afghan women in the last 15 years

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