The dangerous side effects of using a VPN/blocker may be a computer worm

The dangerous side effects of using a VPNblocker may be a computer worm

According to Mehr reporter, many internet users in the country have turned to filter software, proxy sites, and VPN to bypass blocked and filtered sites, and this user’s recourse to these methods of bypassing filtering has led to increasing growth in account sales. VPN and software have been broken in such a way that the police chief of Fata recently announced that the number of Iranian users of VPN is about 30%.

Unauthorized access of foreign servers to the data of Iranian users

Ali Nik Nafs, Deputy Head of Detection and Monitoring of the Information Exchange Space Police, in a conversation with Mehr reporter, said about the consequences and dangers of using VPN: The Head of the Deputy Detection and Monitoring of FATA Police said: Most of the servers that share VPN – VPN – are provided to users, not only they check and control all the exchanged information, but in this way, with the open ports of the user’s computer, access to the information inside his computer and the possibility of copying or viewing the internal information of the computer They make the user available for external servers.

He said: Considering that users install filtering software on their computers without checking their performance, it is possible that this software is Trojans or key loggers and provides information about people’s usernames and passwords to their servers. give

Nik Nafs continued: Also, VPNs transmit information in an encrypted form, and the formula to decrypt it is at the disposal of the server, and there is no guarantee that the server did not reread the information before reaching its destination. be

The head of the vice president of detection and surveillance of the information exchange space of FATA police said that the biggest problem of the FATA police with VPN is the release and unauthorized access of servers abroad to the data of people’s personal computers through the open ports of their personal computers and said: “The use of VPN is associated with dangerous complications.” Because the user is connected to a server abroad – mainly in England and America – by using VPN and also filtering software, this causes an external IP to be assigned to the internal user’s computer, which, in the continuation of this work, There is a possibility that all the data and information of the user’s computer will be stolen by the external server.

A VPN may be a computer worm

A VPN may be a computer worm
A VPN may be a computer worm

Nik Nafs said to Mehr that it is possible that the filtering software and VPNs themselves are computer worms with a key reader and provide information about people’s passwords and usernames to Mehr: Most VPNs have at least 2 proxies and soft functions. They carry out information transfer software.

Emphasizing that a proxy is an intermediary device or a program that provides communication between a server and a client and carries out the act of transferring internal requests by translating information and passing it to other servers, he said: proxy because of encryption and decryption and Inspection of the contents of each package is a slow process and it is at this stage of the work that it is possible to expose the user’s information.

The head of FATA police detection and surveillance deputy also said about the operation of VPN in the field of information transfer software: This part of the VPN function interacts with the use of a proxy to communicate with the appropriate protocol; This allows users to access applications that do not have a web user interface through a web browser.

Nik Nafs continued: The information transfer software needs a translation engine for each protocol it supports, and at this stage, the VPN owner and service provider can design and add a special option for eavesdropping.

FATA police advice on using VPN

The head of FATA police’s detection and surveillance department about the dangers of using a filter breaker and VPN and FATA police’s recommendations said: The main use of VPN is to design secure networks within the organization, and these networks are for the purpose of transmitting secure information within the organization and reducing The possibility of access to classified information by people outside the organization is designed and implemented, and in most cases, it is not rational to rely on cheap commercial filter breakers.

He continued: In most corporate VPNs, the information that is designed in important organizations is not placed on the Internet.

FATA police warned users that using commercial VPNs may have many risks, and users should know that using such software and methods like this means that all the contents of your computer, from images to personal videos to important personal information And provide something to the VPN server.

The commission for organizing VPNs is formed

According to Mehr, some time ago Sardar Seyyed Kamal Hadianfar – Chief of FATA Police also stated that the number of users using VPN is between 20 and 30 percent of all users and said: In the last meeting that was held in the working group to determine examples of filtering, it was decided that the commission for organizing VPNs was formed; The executive regulations of this commission are being prepared so that those who want an authorized VPN can use an authorized VPN by referring to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Referring to the enemy’s efforts to provide platforms that pass through filtering, he added: The enemy passes VPN platforms behind filtering in encryption protocols and provides these VPNs to users for free or at the lowest price. Therefore, Iranian users are advised not to use VPN at all, because when VPN is used, the user’s information is encrypted and placed on the VPN provider’s server, and the owner of the server can easily use all the user’s information.

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The dangerous side effects of using a VPN/blocker may be a computer worm

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