Strengthening the Talent of Afghan Women using Technology

Strengthening the Talent of Afghan Women using Technology

Technology in Afghanistan does not have a long history and the people of this country have been dealing with it for eleven years. Technology has a social and cultural impact on humans. When a person gets access to the Internet, he gets to know all the information in the world.

Considering the increasing progress of technology in the world, every effort should be made to provide the field of technology use for Afghan women in their homes.

In order to access technology, we must prepare teaching centers for technology education and learning internet skills and encourage them to learn, so that they can use technology more and better. In this way, they can reveal their talents and solve their problems easily through technology. In order to learn the curriculum and avoid wasting time, they can easily learn science through online classes and do all their activities at home in a short period of time, especially women who are faced with social restrictions and cannot go outside. They work from home and talk or exchange ideas with someone in the academic environment, which causes their talents to be lost and suffocated.

Today, with the use of technology and the Internet, it is possible for women to easily present their thoughts on social media and also get to know the thoughts and opinions of others and share their ideas in the business sector.

Using technology, women can have an active presence in society, serve the people and improve their society, they can also start online businesses and become financially self-sufficient. Classes should be opened for such women and educational projects should be undertaken and net clips should be created.

Using today’s technology, women can do their work faster and easier. But today, what women mention as a decisive reason for using technology is the world of communication.

Among these two ladies, they are proud of the country in the field of technology

Among these two ladies, they are proud of the country in the field of technology
Among these two ladies, they are proud of the country in the field of technology

Roya Mahboob, the first Afghan woman who works in the technology sector, was included in the list of 100 powerful personalities of 2013 by Time magazine.

Three years ago Roya Mehboob founded a software development and information banks company, most of the company’s employees are women, and it provides software and database preparation services for companies, institutions, government departments, and NATO forces.

Banu Roya is the first Afghan woman who has made significant progress in the field of technology and has also been active in the field of access to Internet services for Afghan women.

This lady still plans to create 40 classrooms for Afghan women with the convenience of the Internet, which has a capacity of more than 16,000 tons.

Roya Mahboob has completed his higher education at Science Herat College of Computer Science and has obtained his master’s degree in the same field from Malaysia.

Ferishte Forough created a computer programming school for Afghan girls. Ferishte Forough is an Afghan girl who started her first days in the land of emigration. With the decision and support of his liberal family, Forough was able to study in the computer science department. Finally, he went to the United States to establish the first computer programming school (Kudang) for Afghan girls. She created the first computer programming school in her home for girls living in Afghanistan in Brooklyn.

Ferishte Forough is trying to make Afghan girls make significant progress in information technology.

Forough added: “The mission and purpose of computer programming are to promote equality, especially in a country like Afghanistan, where women are deprived of their most basic rights, such as access to education. We want to create an opportunity for them to learn 21st-century skills. Women can do computer programming, be independent and reach for their social, economic, and political rights.

At least 100 girls between the ages of 15 and 25 have participated in this program so that they can compete in the global market. This educational program is free for girls and the coding school was established with donations and financial assistance. Currently, 16% of Afghanistan’s workforce is made up of women. Computer programming empowers women to carry out online work so that they can carry out their activities regardless of state and location.

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Strengthening the Talent of Afghan Women using Technology

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