SonicWall NSa 3700 – Advanced Networking for the Advanced Threat Era

SonicWall NSa 3700 – Advanced Networking for the Advanced Threat Era -

The SonicWall NSa 3700 firewalls are built to defend large branch offices, distributed organizations, and mid-sized corporations while outperforming even recently developed firewalls in terms of performance. The NSa 3700 differs from earlier NSa firewalls by utilizing SonicWall’s SonicOS 7.0 operating system and its plethora of additional management and control functions.

Site-to-site and DPI SSL VPN deployments, security layer clustering, high-speed remote access, and other tasks can all be handled by the SonicWall NSa 3700. Additionally, the SonicWall NSa 3700 gives administrators access to a straightforward dashboard interface that prioritizes showing quick, understandable information up front and allows them to monitor and manage all network traffic.

SonicWall NSa 3700 Spec Snapshot

SonicWall NSa 3700 Next Generation Firewall

Max Firewall Throughput: 5.5 Gbps

Threat Prevention Throughput: 3.5 Gbps

Application Inspection Throughput: 4.2 Gbps

Network Interface Ports: 24x1GbE, 6x10GbE, 4x5G SFP+, 2 USB SuperSpeed 3.0, 1 Console, 1 Management

DPI Maximum Connections: 750,000

Connections per Second: 22,500

VLAN Interfaces: 256

Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels: 3000

Hardware-Only MSRP: $4095

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What’s New in SonicOS 7.0?

You won’t lose all the bandwidth and speed you pay your ISP each month thanks to multi-gigabit threat protection throughput and incredibly quick encrypted traffic monitoring. The SonicWall NSa 3700 also comes with physical upgrades, including 24 gigabit ports, six 10-gig ports, and four SFP+ ports that can operate on a 5G network.

The Gen 7 firewalls from SonicWall include a brand-new operating system that streamlines network security administration while concentrating on the most urgent threats to small enterprises. The goal of TLS 1.3 decryption is to find and eliminate evasive encrypted threats. At your fingertips is this improved visibility. You can be sure to know exactly what’s lurking on your network with the help of the SonicOS Capture Threat Assessment Report, which offers condensed insights into traffic, applications, and a variety of advanced threats.

With auto-provision VPNs and the SonicExpress app that enable zero-touch deployment, SonicOS 7.0 has a very low learning curve. The capacity to rapidly and effectively deploy a high-performance, high-security device without requiring a specialist at each site is essential in the age of remote work.

For additional information, see our post SonicOS 7.0: 7.0 Reasons Why This SonicWall OS Rocks.

TotalSecure Advanced Edition & Essential Edition

The SonicOS 7.0 appliances introduced so many brand-new, cutting-edge capabilities and services that SonicWall had to create entirely new licensing packs to accommodate them all. You can choose from two bundles for the NSa 3700. These SonicWall security services are part of the more basic package known as the TotalSecure Essential Edition Bundle:

  • Gateway Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention, Application Control
  • Content Filtering Service
  • 24×7 Support
  • Network Visibility
  • Basic DNS Security
  • Anti-Spam
  • Capture ATP (Multi-Engine) Sandboxing
  • RTDMI Technology

The TotalSecure Advanced Edition includes everything in the Essentials Edition, with the added bonus of SonicWall Network Security Manager (NSM) Essentials. NSM features:

  • Cloud Management
  • 7 Days Cloud-based Reporting

Optionally, services can be purchased a la carte as well.

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SonicWall NSa 3700 – Advanced Networking for the Advanced Threat Era

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