Launching 30 start-up IT companies and services supported by IT in Kabul

Launching 30 start-up IT companies and services supported by IT in Kabul

Technician / Kabul: The fourth round of the Bright Future program by Technician company ended on February 23, 2020, in Kabul and launched 30 start-up companies in the market. Bright Future is one of the programs sponsored by the Dutch government. The main goal of this program is to help young people to start, develop and stabilize the companies created by them. More than 100 entrepreneurs, founders of start-up businesses, leaders of civil and commercial society, and government representatives participated in this leisure event.

This program was managed by Technician Department under the umbrella of the Startup Afghanistan program, which is an active company in the field of technology and support of start-up companies in Kabul. At the end of the program, out of 75 novice entrepreneurs employed in the program, 30 people were given graduation certificates.

Omar Mansour Ansari, the head of Technician Company, said in this regard: “The market is like an ocean, and you must learn navigation skills to be able to face the waves and reach your destination.” The goal of our program is to provide the necessary skills for the founders of start-up companies so that they can succeed in the market.

More of Technologies
More of Technologies

The overall goal of the Bright Future program is to empower young people living in Kabul to acquire the right skills and information about business and to have access to support networks through this information and access to networks that match With their capabilities, they have obtained it and become widely employed and can expand their business.

Fahim Didar, Vice President, of New Beginning Networks (SEEN), while welcoming the startups in the world of entrepreneurship, added;

“It is important that startup founders must be strong because there is no 5-9 schedule in entrepreneurship, they must be 24/7 in entrepreneurship. In order for start-up companies to be connected and successful in doing their work, they need knowledge, resources and have a wider presence everywhere.”

Motiullah Rahmati, a representative of Civic Company, said: “After this, we will collaborate more with startups and connect them with companies that have more experience in this field and external ecosystems.”

More of Technologies

Ahmad Faisal Angar, the head of the entrepreneurship and innovation department of Asara, one of the internal consulting companies and a partner of the Bright Future program, while congratulating all the startups, added: “The Bright Future program is a five-year program that runs from 2017 to 2020 during five Sal Asara is a partner in this project. And the company plans to have more programs to prepare entrepreneurs and small businesses for the job market.

Harun Shirzad, one of the participants of the Bright Future program and the founder of Libor Market, added:

“Our company provides employee recruitment services and we focus more on startups and new companies so that we can help them and we also train those who are looking for a job so that they can easily get the job of their choice.”

Bright Future program is a five-year program that aims to identify, encourage and educate young Afghans with logical and practical thoughts and ideas. This program targets young Afghans with an entrepreneurial spirit who cannot start their own businesses due to technical and financial limitations.

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Launching 30 start-up IT companies and services supported by IT in Kabul

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