Afghan Women’s Access to Information Technology

Afghan Women's Access to Information Technology

In recent years, fortunately, the majority of Afghan women have access to various technology sectors. One of these technologies is information technology. And still, its uses are very common worldwide and have many users and followers.

Afghan women are not left behind by this caravan, a higher percentage of them today are able to use computers, smart devices such as phones, tablets, etc. well.

A large number of young women are busy studying information technology in universities. Also, the managers and operators of information technology in the ministries and other private and government departments are also women, these figures show that today the life of Afghan women has changed significantly compared to a few years ago and they can benefit from technology. Use information correctly.

There is a lot of optimism for a bright future for Afghan women and women are growing day by day. Afghan robot-making girls and professional businesswomen who lead online stores in Afghanistan are positive signs of changing the lives of Afghan women with information technology.

In the service department of telecommunications companies, the largest number of customer service employees are women and they carry out their duties successfully. These are signs of progress in the field of technology for women.

Girls and Women in Institutions and Universities

Girls and Women in Institutions and Universities
Girls and Women in Institutions and Universities

In the universities and institutes of Afghanistan, there are a large number of professors of the information technology department of women and they have many successes in the field of teaching information technology.

So, as a result of this discussion, I can say that the level of women’s access to information technology, although one figure can be mentioned, in general, compared to previous years, it has increased a lot, and it is expected that in the next years, we will be able to increase the level of women’s access to information technology. and other technologies to a considerable number. Of course, more opportunities for further growth of women are also favorable. So it depends on women’s determination and long-term plans, how much they can use this opportunity.

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Afghan Women’s Access to Information Technology

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